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February Business Luncheon
24 February 2017

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HOW TO Access Government Procurement Opportunities 
9 March 2017
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FNQ Aviation Forum

16 March 2017

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Regional Industry Leaders Programs Partners

Regional Industry Leaders Program

The Regional Industry Leaders Program has resulted in a set of industry representatives, who are profiled and recognised as businesses who are delivering best practice in their sector.

Our Industry Leaders, are profiled to leverage their high level of industry expertise, for the benefit of the entire Far North Queensland business community – by acting as ambassadors for their industry and our region. 

Our Industry Leaders, take on a ‘Statesman’ / ‘Stateswoman’ role with regard to industry opportunities and issues across Far North Queensland.

Each Regional Industry Leader is invited to:

  • Work with the Cairns Chamber to positively promote the region’s infrastructure, assets, and business / technical capabilities – in your industry – to regional, national and international markets;
  • Work with the Cairns Chamber, and other Regional Industry Leaders, on industry driven opportunities or challenges for the benefit of the industry and also the FNQ economy (e.g. in a Taskforce format);
  • Act as the Cairns Chamber’s first point of contact for information and data related to your industry in the case of media enquiries;
  • Provide advice to the Cairns Chamber regarding Government requests for policy feedback, on behalf of your industry; 
  • Potentially mentor a Cairns Young Chamber member to help them develop and take advantage of professional opportunities within your industry; and
  • Proactively seek and develop business development opportunities for your industry, in the best interests of the FNQ region and the business community as a whole.

Benefits To Each Industry Sector & The FNQ Economy

  • In collaboration with the Cairns Chamber each industry leader has developed an action agenda to work on with their industry to get it prepared for the growth that lies ahead and ensure that it is prepared to tackle the challenges that will inevitably arise.
  • Facilitate inclusive and collaborative forums/workshops with industry sector groups to find out what challenges currently exist in the industry and work on a strategy to work together to break through the barriers as a group.
  • Execute a fast-tracked agenda to bring together all key stakeholders to resolve challenges and find solutions.
  • Sharing information/technical responses to key issues facing the sector.

Benefits For Your Individual Business:

  • Collaboratively co-host one in-bound international trade mission in partnership with the Cairns Chamber of Commerce (as available)
  • Have your business brand promoted as being part of the Regional Industry Leader Program to 7,000+ businesses across the FNQ region, when Program updates are provided within the Member InSight e-publication; 
  • Have your business brand promoted on an exclusive webpage within the Cairns Chamber of Commerce website for the Program; 
  • Co-branded as a Regional Industry Leader on the Cairns Chamber's website, with your business logo on our dedicated Regional Industry Leader page, with URL link to your website.
  • Brand exposure through social media and television and radio campaigns – if TV and radio campaigns are conducted as part of this program.
  • Opportunity to work with the Cairns Chamber's in-house marketing team to ensure your brand is effectively matched with business development opportunities.
  • Provide editorial content for our Business Tips segment to be published in our Opportunities For Your Business Monthly ePublication.  This will see your business positioned as the experts in your field. (you can provide already existing content/tips/collateral utilised in your business for this purpose).
  • Be part of a multi-media faceted publicity launch of the Regional Industry Leaders Program.  Once all industry sectors are signed up, a media launch will be executed by the Cairns Chamber including all industry leaders to promote the program.

NB: This program is only available for businesses who meet the following criteria:

  • Current Cairns Chamber of Commerce member
  • Registered ABN in Queensland
  • Have an office in the Cairns region
  • Deliver services in / from Cairns 
  • Can demonstrate best practice standards applied in their business
  • Have good standing / reputation in the FNQ business community

The industry categories that the Cairns Chamber of Commerce will invite to be part of this program are:

  • Aviation - (sold)
  • Civil Construction - (sold)
  • Construction - (sold)
  • Creative Industries
  • Agri-Business & Primary Production
  • Publishing & Communications
  • Workforce Development / Recruitment / Human Resources Management
  • Retail
  • Health & Medical
  • Financial Services (sold)
  • Insurance
  • International Trade/Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Education (sold)
  • Transport
  • Accommodation and
  • Telecommunications

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